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Yoga at Home


Meditation is a way of self-transformation through self-observation. It focuses on the deep connection between the mind and body.

Meditation has a proven record in its ability to improve health; awaken happiness and bliss; and, give a clear perspective on life. It enables you to recover from any stress, anxiety and tension that you may be carrying within you.

Nirvana Yoga have one simple objective: to calm your mind so that you can experience greater clarity, peace, joy, effectiveness and achieve a heightened state of well-being in your life.

We respect the cultures and traditions in which many meditation teachings have been developed and perpetuated through centuries whilst endeavouring to present these practices in a way that’s relevant and appropriate to you and your needs.

Whether you have tried to meditate previously and had difficulty or have a current regular practice, Nirvana Yoga can help you.

Try one of our classes today and see the difference!

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