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Noonaweena, Central Coast, NSW

19 - 22 January, 2023

Asana I Pranayama I Meditation I Exploration

Join us for 4 days in Central Coast, NSW to begin 2023 with the Nirvana Yoga Retreat.


We will gather in Noonaweena - an exclusive 100-acre, eco-certified property overlooking the Yengo National Park with exquisite views of the valleys below. An Aboriginal word meaning resting place in the bush, Noonaweena preserves the legacy of its name as a place of rest. Traditionally, the Darkinjung people enjoyed the surrounding lands for nourishment and rejuvenation, and the mountains and valleys full of wildflowers provide an ideal environment for our yoga retreat that will nourish your body, mind and soul. 

noonaweena pool walk.jpg

Rest, Reset and Reconnect

 Our 4-days / 3-nights yoga retreat offers a complete mind-body experience. It is an excellent opportunity for total relaxation and rejuvenation, and an occasion for reflection and introspection. The retreat will give you a glimpse into living a life full of health, happiness and well-being. 

Included in the retreat are various styles of yoga asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditation sessions; healthy and locally-sourced vegetarian meals and snacks, hikes, nature walks, and much more.


In the traditional Sivananda Yoga tradition, a yoga retreat must contain the following five points to allow participants to truly relax and recharge. These five points are built into every Nirvana Yoga retreat, and over the 4 days / 3 nights, will offer you a glimpse into the yogic lifestyle.

Beautiful Landscape


Yoga exercises focus on the health of the spine, its strength and flexibility. By maintaining the spine’s flexibility and strength through exercise, blood circulation is increased and the body receives the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen. The exercises also have a positive effect on internal organs and the endocrine system.


Yoga teaches us how to maximise lung capacity and how to control the breath. This increases vitality and mental clarity.


By learning how to deeply relax all the muscles of the body, you can thoroughly rejuvenate your nervous system and attain a deep sense of inner peace. Yoga teaches us how to achieve this state of complete relaxation.


The Yogic diet is a vegetarian one, consisting of pure, simple, natural foods which are easily digested and promote health. The Yogic diet will help you attain a high standard of health, keen intellect and serenity of mind.


We become what we think. Through methods of positive thinking you will learn how to entertain positive and creative thoughts which contribute to vibrant health and a peaceful, joyful mind. Meditation opens the door to intuitive knowledge and realms of eternal bliss. The mind becomes calm and steady.


Check-in: 3:00 pm Thursday, 19 January

Check-out: 10:30 am Sunday, 22 January

Our retreat takes places in Noonaweena: a private, eco-certified property nestled in the spectacular central coast hinterland overlooking the Yengo National Park. We will spend three nights / four days in a spectacular hilltop setting where you can breath in the fresh air and recharge in the serenity and natural beauty of multiple manicured grounds offering an idyllic setting for renewal and reflection. Highlights of the retreat will include:

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Kriyas are a way to cleanse the physical body. These processes cleanse and activate the vital organs of the body, especially the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and the nervous systems. We will help you to learn and master few of these techniques that you can bring back home to practice on your own, for a healthier you.

Valhalla food.png


Meals and snacks are included in the retreat. Just as you will find in any yoga ashram, you will be served two nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals over brunch and dinner by our award-winning chef - all locally sourced and organic. 

Absent from the menu are meat, fish, fowl and eggs (but there will be tea and coffee!). This ensures the food is suitable for a mindful yoga practice and encourages a calmer and clearer personality. 

We request that you do not smoke or consume alcohol during the retreat.
However, you are free to source meals and food from outside the property and those provided during the retreat.


Accommodation will be offered as twin-share in contemporary yet classic guest rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom / ensuite with bedding configuration that can be either 1 x king bed or 2 x twin beds.

Single occupancy is available for an additional cost.


Linen and towels are provided along with toiletries. 

We will also have exclusive access to many of the other features of the property including the swimming pool, outdoor spas, tennis court, BBQ areas, vast living and dining areas, lounge rooms with wood fireplaces, and nature trails / bushwalking tracks.


noona nature walk.jpg


We will go on light to medium grade hikes and bush walks that are spread throughout the 100 - acre bush property. We will be doing silent hikes and walks ranging between 3 - 6 kms. 

Noonaweena is also home to a wide array of native fauna. It is not uncommon for guests to see rock wallabies, echidnas, and wombats cross their path. What is more, Noonaweena is home to the elusive sugar glider.

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Daily advanced dhyana and pranayama practices

Dhyana, a Sanskrit word meaning "contemplation and meditation," is the seventh limb of yoga in the Ashtanga yoga system, also known as the eight-limbed path. It is a meditation method that can help you to experience a deeper awareness of your consciousness and self-awareness. 

Pranayama is the ancient practice of controlling your breath. You will be taught to control the timing, duration, and frequency of every breath and hold.The goal of pranayama is to connect your body and mind. It also supplies your body with oxygen while removing toxins. This is meant to provide healing physiological benefits.

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Asana practice is considered important by yogis because it helps to keep the physical body healthy, increase discipline and concentration.
During the retreat, we take you through the basics of the asanas, slowly moving towards some advanced postures depending on your individual needs. You will practice various variations and styles including Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow taught by Radhika.

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Pranayama practice includes various breathing exercises which are an integral part of Yoga. A disciplined Pranayama practice throughout the retreat will help you gain control over your breath and prepares you for both performing the yoga poses and relaxing the mind for meditation.

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Meditation involves concentration and relaxation. Learn various techniques and styles with the help of our team, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.


Address: 1442 George Downes Drive, Kulnura, NSW 2250.


Check-in: 3:00 pm Thursday, 19 January


Check-out: 10:30 am Sunday, 22 January

Typical daily schedule: 

  • 06:00 AM - Watch sunrise, followed by Kriyas

  • 07:30 AM - Asana & Pranayama class (Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga)

  • 10:00 AM - Breakfast

  • Scheduled activity/workshop or free time

  • 02:00 PM - Optional workshops/special asana class/Ayurvedic consultation/massage

  • Free time or participate in local exploration activities, ashram activities or an Ayurvedic massage

  • 03:30 PM - Asana & Pranayama class (Yin or Restorative Yoga) 

  • 05:00 PM - Dinner

  • 07:30 PM - Evening meditation / Yog Nidra or evening walks or chanting session

  • 09:30 PM - Return to room and lights out

Reviews from previous retreats



$1199 per person (twin-share) and $1699 per person (single occupancy)

(available if you book and pay by 10 October)

$1299 per person (twin-share) and $1799 per person (single occupancy)

This retreat is limited to 14 participants only. Please register early.

Please note that full terms and conditions apply. Refer to this link for details. 


“You and Jay welcomed us so warmly and gave us a wonderful experience at your retreat. We have been talking about it with utter delight to anyone who will listen!

We really enjoyed the whole schedule, especially the kriyas, pranayama, the meditation sessions (candle gazing, silent walk, mandala workshop). We also loved some free time to enjoy the beautiful venue and to just ‘be’ and ‘settle'. We tend to prefer more energetic yoga though the balance was great. 

Thank you so much Radhika and Jay for the experience at your retreat. From the warm welcome, the perfect balance of yoga, pranayama, and meditation; and being with like-minded people meant it was a really memorable and rejuvenating few days. The beautiful venue and bush location, having the opportunity for calm and peace, and eating incredible food all means we can’t wait for your next retreat!

Also, we’d love the recipe for Jay’s Masala chai tea”


Vicky & Nick (April 2021 retreat @ Noonaweena)

“There was much that I liked and would recommend- The integration of breathing, meditation, kriyas, asanas and diet to build a wholistic approach to living a good life. The longer yoga classes. Learning new kriyas and meditation techniques. The location/setting, which complemented our program. It felt ‘isolated’ which helped to block external distractions and it provided other activities (walks, pool, spa, tennis, reading/lounge room) for our down-time. Fabulous food.  An added bonus was meeting and spending time with a lovely and supportive group of people.”


Sue (April 2021 retreat @ Noonaweena)

Weekend Yoga Retreat - April 2021.jpg
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