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What people say about our Yoga Retreats:

"I have experienced two yoga retreats in ashrams in India with Radhika and Aman. Each one completely different from the other. One very basic and traditional, the other like a 5-star resort. Each one was special in its own right, made so by Radhika and Aman's hard work and aim to perfection."

Mathilda (India retreat 2022)

"Fantastic and relaxing setting, great food and the chance to build your yoga practice."

Janne (India retreat 2022)

“A weekend retreat with Radhika was exactly what we needed to relax, reconnect & nourish. 

We look forward to any future retreats you might hold. Thank you both for your lovely energy. You should be very proud of yourselves for putting together a wonderful weekend.

Mat and I loved what you had put together as a schedule/activity. We particularly loved the Mandala workshop, silent walk and of course the amazing food. It was nice to have the time & space to reconnect to the practice. We also really enjoyed everyone's company, such a diverse group and you brought us together for wonderful few days.”

Fiona & Matt (Australia)

“Long weekend yoga retreat with Radhika - it was just amazing - lovely accommodation away from civilisation, beautiful views, pool and spa, delicious food, what a wonderful setting for yoga and meditation.  Radhika really looked after us, with the support of her husband Jay.  I have come back with a new morning ritual: Jal Neti - nasal cleansing, I feel so good after it.  And I am getting all set up to continue the Mandala creation/mediation Radhika showed us.

All yoga classes were good. It was nice to have the mixture of styles of yoga - hatha, flow and yin.

Meditations were great too - candle and mandala.”

Daniele (Australia)

“Congratulations Radhika and Jay. The Weekend Yoga Retreat in Noonaweena was an outstanding success. Carefully thought out and excellently presented. I felt privileged to be part of it.

The retreat was excellent. Both the location and the accommodation was just perfect. 

The pace of the yoga sessions was good and the sessions well-spaced with time in-between for private activities. The meals were very well thought out, tasty, plentiful and beautifully presented.

I really liked all the sessions and cannot really decide which I liked most. If I had to choose, I would say the exercise sessions and learning the control of the breath as well as the holding of the pose (yin yoga).”

Mathilda (Australia)

“There was much that I liked and would recommend- The integration of breathing, meditation, kriyas, asanas and diet to build a wholistic approach to living a good life. The longer yoga classes. Learning new kriyas and meditation techniques. The location/setting, which complemented our program. It felt ‘isolated’ which helped to block external distractions and it provided other activities (walks, pool, spa, tennis, reading/lounge room) for our down-time. Fabulous food.  An added bonus was meeting and spending time with a lovely and supportive group of people.”

Sue (Australia)

“You and Jay welcomed us so warmly and gave us a wonderful experience at your retreat. We have been talking about it with utter delight to anyone who will listen!

We really enjoyed the whole schedule, especially the kriyas, pranayama, the meditation sessions (candle gazing, silent walk, mandala workshop). We also loved some free time to enjoy the beautiful venue and to just ‘be’ and ‘settle'. We tend to prefer more energetic yoga though the balance was great. 

Thank you so much Radhika and Jay for the experience at your retreat. From the warm welcome, the perfect balance of yoga, pranayama, and meditation; and being with like-minded people meant it was a really memorable and rejuvenating few days. The beautiful venue and bush location, having the opportunity for calm and peace, and eating incredible food all means we can’t wait for your next retreat!

Also, we’d love the recipe for Jay’s Masala chai tea”

Vicky & Nick (Australia)

“I can't recommend Radhika's yoga retreat enough. It was a perfect blend of yoga practise, mindfulness, learning, socialising and individual down time. The food was absolutely amazing, and she could not have chosen a more perfect location/venue. I can't wait to attend the next one!”

Shane (Australia)

“Radhika was very thoughtful with her planning and preparation from booking to conclusion. With personal touches throughout the retreat Radhika and Jay provided a very relaxing and stress-free experience.

It was all wonderful and very tasty food. I really enjoyed the mandala class and have done this with my kids at home on return. The candle watching, was good. Maybe suggest bringing a tissue/handkerchief as I cried a bit. I enjoyed all the yoga sessions and walks. The flushing kriyas, at the beginning I was sceptical, after giving it a go realised the benefits and have continued semi regularly at home.”

Erin (Australia)

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