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What people say about our Yoga classes:

"Learning the benefits of yoga with Radhika's guiding hand has been a really fulfilling experience. I was a complete novice when I started and incapable of completing some of the most basic asanas other than Savasana. Now I can do all of the basics including the Headstand. That was only possible with Radhika's gentle but firm encouragement. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every lesson and highly recommend Radhika to anyone thinking of trying yoga for the first time, you wont be disappointed."

Gerry (Australia)

"I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my Husband - Steve Anderson, who has Parkinson's Disease and, even though he does a lot of exercise, was looking for another way to maintain his strength, balance and flexibility. We are so blessed that we found yoga, or more specifically, Radhika. 
Not only has he physically improved, his psychological outlook has improved and we feel that the progression of his Parkinson's Disease have slowed down. 
Words cannot express our gratitude for Radhika's patience and skills."

Lorraine (Australia)

"Radhika's yoga classes are special to me - my posture and my overall wellbeing have improved since I started her classes. 
Radhika is a great teacher - she has a wealth of knowledge about yoga postures and knows which postures and techniques could help with different injuries or health concerns. Radhika is a very passionate and shares that passion with her students - she makes sure that students and engaged in the class and helps everyone stay focussed and reach their goals."

Iryna (Australia)

"I would highly recommend yoga classes with Radhika! Every class left me feeling relaxed and refreshed- the perfect mid week exercise. It was also satisfying to grow in flexibility from month to month, and master more difficult positions. Radhika is a dedicated and supportive teacher who will push you just enough."

Abbey (Australia)

"I participated in Yoga with Radhika for a year, she is thoroughly engaging and makes all the moves simple and easy to learn. I grew both as a person and learnt how to centre myself and calm. Radhika is truely a pleasure to have as an instructor."

Jess (Australia)

"Radhika's knowledge of anatomy & care to teach us to practice safely in order to gain healing effects with Hatha flow is incredible, I’ve gained so much knowledge about my physical needs. i had Asthma which got cured in an year's time with the pranayama which she taught me. She also teaches fantastic breathing techniques which I’ve found useful on & off the mat. I feel so blessed that I met her. She is wonderful."

Safieh (Iran)

"I love attending the Yoga classes. I have felt the benefits immediately. Very relaxing and a fantastic teacher and I couldn't recommend it more!"

Tanya (Australia)

"Radhika has been integral part of the activities at Sivananda Yoga Centre. she has taught classes frequently, assisted several courses and workshops. Her participation, interest in yoga, commitment to practice, and sincerity as a certified sivananda teacher is highly commendable. She is a wonderfull asset, and a great human being!"

Arun Pandala (India)

"The class conducted by Radhika ensures that the focus remains on the individual development. the benefits of each posture are explained that aids in better understanding for the individual. The breathing techniques have assisted in keeping calm and managing stress. Radhika is a patient teacher and understands your needs as a student whether you are at the beginner or advanced level."

Ujjawal (Australia)

"Coming from someone who was as flexible as a rock and reluctant to go to big sized classes of yoga due to this concern - i thought i'd give a smaller more personal class like Nirvana a crack. best decision i could have made - Radhika knows her art and although determined to get you into those thigh stretching (and potentially pant splitting) positions you couldn't ask for more patient. supportive and knowledgeable instructor. Could recommend Nirvana yoga highly enough!!" 

Carms (Australia)

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